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Service Agreement

Please read these terms carefully before accepting our services

Any indirect use of our services by users or through various means will be deemed to have unconditionally accepted all the contents of this statement. If the user disagrees with any of the terms of this statement, please stop using all the services we provide.

A: Inspection
The original intention of our establishment is to be a purely transshipment platform. This is also the philosophy that we have always adhered to. For overseas exchanges, we purchase the products of overseas websites by ourselves. We are only responsible for shipping the goods to the destination.

1. The company have the right to open, and inspect the contents of the goods. However, the company does not have the obligation to inspect the goods, and the results of the inspections do not guarantee the quality of the goods, the presence or absence of defects, or the genuine products. The products are not guaranteed to violate the relevant laws and regulations issued by the place of origin, the place of destination, and the destination.

2. Added to the terms prescribed in the preceding paragraph, if the company finds any violation of the laws and regulations related to the "Prohibition of the transfer of criminal proceeds" and suspects any possibility of violating the possibility, the company may take measures such as reporting the police and relevant offices, and submitting commodities. .

3. The company does not assume any responsibility for the inspection of the goods and the loss of the members caused by the treatment methods specified in this article.

B: Compensation
1. The package is in good condition when delivered, there is no trace of disassembly, and the recipient has signed the receipt according to the prescribed procedures. After the recipient finds that the internals are lost or damaged, we will not be responsible for compensation.
2. If there is any damage to the goods that have not been selected for reinforcement, please check the instructions on the compensation rules on the website and we will not be responsible for compensation. For customers who have not chosen to reinforce, any damage caused by unenforced reasons, the customer must contact the courier claim. Items containing liquid, fragile glass, etc. must be specially reinforced, otherwise they will be rejected.

3. When the goods are signed, whether it is a family member, a guard, a colleague or a friend, the signing is accepted as a normal receipt. For packages that are normally signed more than one week away, we will not accept claims.

4. For the reinforced package, please sign it with the courier when signing. If there is any damage, please indicate the damaged item on the receipt and ask the courier to sign it. Fill out the appeal form on our website or take a photo and email us. The relevant staff will follow up for you.

5. After selecting the check number service, we will be responsible for counting the packages and checking the quantity. If the number is found to be incorrect after signing the recipient, please indicate the missing item on the receipt and ask the courier to sign it. Fill out the appeal form on our website or take a photo and send it to us. The relevant staff will follow up for you.

C: Goods prohibited
1. Cash and checks, money orders, securities and other securities;
2. Cards such as credit cards and cash cards;
3. Passbooks of financial institutions and cash withdrawal cards;
4. The place of delivery on the parcel is not easily identifiable;
5. Live animals and plants, dead animals or stripped animals (specimens, etc.);
6. A part of the human body or human body, remains, remains, and tablets;
7. Stimulants, marijuana, anesthetics, drugs that affect the mental state of the central nervous system, and other illicit drugs;
8. Guns, swords, weapons, weapons, gunpowder, explosives, toxic substances, toxic chemicals;
9. Pharmaceuticals, medical devices;
10. Child pornography, adult porn videos and other obscene articles;
11. Articles that are prohibited or restricted by the laws of the importing and exporting countries, states and local governments including the country; the other items that are not allowed to be carried in the transportation agreement of the airline or transportation company;

12. Other items that the company believes are not in compliance with the regulations

D: Action to prohibition
Once the company discovers the misappropriation of using information or credit cards, will contact the police for investigation and submit all relevant information.

The company reserves the right of final interpretation

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