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Insured and claims description

1. This service is voluntary. The sender only needs to choose whether to purchase insurance and pay the corresponding premium in the delivery waybill to use the insured service. The insured amount is the declared price of the item. Premiums are calculated as a percentage of the declared value of the item.

2. The scope of non-insurance of the consignment includes, but is not limited to, fragile items (packaged in glass bottles, liquid, difficult to store fresh food), including the use of technical taste or creation to create or develop, for sale, Any work displayed or collected, including but not limited to, paintings, drawings, vases, embroidery, limited edition prints, art works, portraits, sculptures, collections of appreciation, photography negatives, photographic offsets, photographic slides, and others A damaged product or a product whose market price is particularly likely to change or whose value is difficult to determine (and a part of the product). Antiques, including any item that shows ancient style, its historicity, age, or rarity, including but not limited to furniture, tableware, glassware, and collectibles such as coins, stamps, sports cards, gifts, and souvenirs. . Glassware, including but not limited to, signs, mirrors, pottery, magnets, porcelain, crystal, glass, framed glass, and other fragile items. Jewelry, including but not limited to, watches and their parts, cut and uncut precious and inferior jewellery or precious stones, synthetic diamonds and costume jewelry. Precious metals, including but not limited to, gold, silver, powder, sediment or platinum (except electromagnetically components). Fur products, including but not limited to fur clothing, fur upholstery and leather jackets;

3. The parcels, purchased for insurance and lost during the transshipment process, will be compensated the insured amount as a reference as well as the lost cargo freight cost. The maximum amount of compensation is not more than S$800.

4. Please insure your own cargo. Our compensation for any cargo lost during transit, without purchasing insurance, will be 30% of the declare values or 3 times the freight cost whichever the lowest and limit to $100.00 per shipping order. There will not be any refund of the freight cost incurred .

5. If you find that the package is seriously damaged or there is obvious damage during the delivery, please ask the delivery person to indicate on the delivery note and take a photo, or contact the customer service immediately. We will assist you in applying for a claim. Damage refers to damage that seriously affects the original functionality of the product. It does not include bumps and bumps during transportation. Operators can compensate according to the degree of collision. (Note: When the package is damaged, it will not be paid according to the amount of the insured amount)

6. We are not responsible for the shipments or shipments that have fewer, wrong, and no inbound records, and that do not apply for inspection services. It is recommended that if the weight of the inbound storage is found to be quite different from that of the website, the e-commerce will be shipped separately. If you are concerned about the quality of the goods, please apply for inspection. The inspection result is the basis for the after-sales claims.

7. Whether it is family, guard, colleagues, relatives and friends, the collection will be regarded as my signature. For packages that are normally signed, no claims will be accepted 48 hours after the date of receipt.

8. Sensitive goods are used as general goods and the freight is not refunded. The losses caused by the sender are borne by the shipper.

We are not liable for any of the following circumstances:

1. Delay in mail delivery or loss of goods due to irresistible factors ("irresistible factors") are unforeseen, inevitable and insurmountable objective external factors, including flight delays or wrecks, customs seizures, wars, earthquakes, typhoons, Floods, fires and other similar events).

2. If the delivered item violates the prohibition or restriction of delivery, it shall be confiscated by the Customs or handled in accordance with relevant regulations;

3. When the delivery to the recipient, the outer packaging of the mail is intact, the seal is intact, there is no trace of damage and dismantling, and the recipient has signed the receipt according to the prescribed procedures. Afterwards, the recipient finds that the internal parts are short or damaged;

4. The recipient unit or residential community does not allow the delivery of personnel, or the loss of mail or loss of items due to the internal behavior of the collection department;

5. Collection of friends and relatives within the address of the recipient;

6. Delay or loss of mail due to customer's responsibility or the goods itself;

7. The customer has not inquired or submitted compensation claims since the date of delivery of the mail to the inquiry period (four months from the date of mail delivery);

Customer responsibility:

All related costs incurred in connection with this shipment during transportation, including freight, customs duties, value-added tax, customs-related fees, government fines, refunds, etc., will be borne by the customer.

Our limited liability:

Due to government regulations, aviation safety, etc., we have the right to open any package for inspection.

Customs clearance in exporting and importing countries: Customers must fully comply with any customs clearance regulations in the exporting and importing countries. If it is not declared and packaged in accordance with customs requirements, documents or certificates required by the customs are not provided, and the consequences will be borne by the customer.

The principle of claim for damage and loss of express mail:

1. Damage:

1) We will notify the customer of the damage when we arrive at our warehouse and we find that it is damaged. We are not responsible for the claim.
2) We will be damaged after we issue it. If the customer requests the original box to be issued, we are not responsible for the claim.
3) We will break after we issue it. If the customer has designated us to carry out reinforcement packaging and pay the relevant fees, we will make a claim in accordance with the “Disclaimer”.
4) If the recipient does not indicate the damage on the receipt when signing the receipt, it will be regarded as a good receipt.

2. Lost:
1) Lost before arriving at our warehouse, that is, we have not signed this item, it has nothing to do with us.
2) Lost after arriving at our warehouse, and make a claim in accordance with the “Disclaimer”.

3. Claims procedure:
1) The customer submits information and photo photos of damaged or lost items.
2) We will process it in accordance with the procedures and the “We Disclaimer”.

The company reserves the right of final interpretation

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