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SG by Sea

From China to Singapore by sea

Shipment starts from 0.01 CBM, and arrives Singapore in 2-3 weeks.
Sea freight charge is calculated by volume only, unless extreme heavy cargo, 1CBM = 500kg applies.
Volume formula: 100(cm) x 100(cm) x 100(cm) = 1CBM
All items need tax declaration, and total charge =
Sea freight fee + total declaration value x 7%

Volume(CBM) Unit price (per 0.01 CBM) Delivery method
Self-collection To-door
0.01 ~ 0.09 s$1.80 free s$8
0.10 ~ 0.19 s$1.50 free s$15
0.20 ~ 0.59 s$1.50 free s$20
0.60 ~ 0.99 s$1.30 free free
1.00 and above s$0.90 free free

*** Click here for full list of self collection points, and click here for collection process and details

*** Delivery location does not include restricted area or no-delivery zones, such as Jurong Island and Sentosa. And delivery location needs to be able to access by lift when necessary. Carrying by stairs would incur additional charge.

*** Total volume is calculated as per individual express order (regardless of item or package quantity) from minimum 0.01 CBM. For instance: Each of two express order is smaller than 0.01 CBM, total volume of two is 0.02 CBM.

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